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Benefits Of Releasing Your Feed In Tariff Early

We Offer Our Service To The Whole Of The UK, And Make Payments Typically Within 21 Days

Cash Now

  • We all make conscientious and wise investments in our lives, such as purchasing solar panels. However, as our cartoon illustrates, sometimes it's nice to release your cash investments early.
  • You may want to do this if your circumstances have changed, or you want to cover a purchase of a new car, home improvement or fabulous holiday. You can even reinvest your tariff lump sum in an ISA or other investment with a higher yield.


  • If you sell us your tariff, we will then be responsible for maintaining your system for the lifetime of the solar panel system.
  • You don't need to worry about expensive broken inverters, or panels going down. We will be on hand to fix any problems, and its one less thing to worry about.


  • You will still benefit from energy savings for the lifetime of the solar panels, which should compound over the years, as energy prices increase.
  • You will still have all of the benefits of your investment in solar panels, other than your Feed In Tariff payments, which are just released early.

How it works

Free Your Tariff's simple process.

Release Your Tariff in 3 Easy Steps

Our process is fast, simple and easy, so get started today!

Step One

Value - SMS or Phone

We use three specific factors to value your system:

  • The date your panels were installed at your home.
  • How much electricity your system has generated to date.
  • The size of your system.
Step Two

Home Visit

We conduct a home visit to speed things up.

  • A Free Your Tariff representative will visit your property to complete a short survey of your Solar PV system and fill in all paperwork with you. Unlike our competitors, there is no scanning and sending off documents..
  • We will process your application and keep you updated every step of the way.
Step Three


We make payments swiftly.

  • You will receive payment direct to your bank account typically within 21 days of the completed sale of your system.


I thought long and hard before selling my tariff, but for some reason, in this economic climate, it felt a lot better to have the money in the bank as opposed to waiting years and years, you never know what will happen! The process was quick and easy and I got a fair return for my initial investment

Mr Patel, Leicester



Hassle Free, Fast Service

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative finance release solutions to our customers via our established partnerships with investors in renewable technologies, with no fuss and a fast turnaround.


No, we will remotely monitor the system throughout the life time of the Feed In Tariff to ensure it works effectively and if there are any problems we will resolve them at no cost to you.
There are no issues with selling your property, the panels will remain on the roof for the duration of their lifetime and the energy savings will be passed on to the new property owner.
Yes, your electricity savings will not be affected.
You continue to own the Solar Panels, we just lease the "airspace above your roof" this is a clevel legal mechanism to offer us the ability to benefit from your Feed In Tariff.
We insure your maintenance package with a production guarantee on the components of the solar panel system such as the expensive inverter and panels themselves so the panels will always be maintained by a large corporation in any circumstance.
Free Your Tariff works with numerous finance houses and investors to raise funds to purchase your Solar Panel Feed in Tariff in a Cash Lump Sum.
Yes, we will inform Land Registry we lease the "Airspace" above your roof and therefore claim your Feed in Tariff. This is so the arrangement can continue with future homeowners.